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Interpak, headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, stands as a pioneering force in the realm of engineering services, specifically excelling in the design and installation of packaging automation, packaging machines, and palletizing systems. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and efficiency, Interpak has established itself as a go-to solution provider for businesses seeking cutting-edge packaging solutions. The company’s engineering services encompass a comprehensive approach, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and industry expertise to tailor solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Interpak’s team of highly skilled engineers boasts a wealth of experience in developing and implementing advanced packaging automation systems. From conceptualization to execution, the company prioritizes precision and reliability, ensuring that its solutions not only enhance operational efficiency but also contribute to overall cost-effectiveness. Whether it’s streamlining packaging processes, optimizing throughput, or customizing palletizing systems, Interpak’s engineering services reflect a commitment to pushing the boundaries of packaging technology. As a result, businesses partnering with Interpak gain a competitive edge in their respective industries, benefitting from the seamless integration of cutting-edge machinery and innovative engineering solutions that elevate their packaging capabilities to new heights.


Located in Chattanooga, TN, Interpak is a pioneering force in delivering comprehensive installation services for its specialized packaging solutions. Our approach revolves around the power of  our specialized teams and teamwork, ensuring that each installation is executed with precision and expertise. Specializing in packaging automation, packaging machines, and palletizing systems, Interpak goes beyond mere design. We are committed to seamlessly integrating our solutions into our clients’ operational landscapes, guaranteeing a flawless transition to enhanced efficiency.

At the heart of our installation process lies our dedicated teams of skilled technicians and engineers. From the initial assessment of the client’s facility to the meticulous execution of the installation, we prioritize attention to detail and adherence to industry best practices and safety standards.

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop with the setup. We conduct rigorous testing and fine-tuning to ensure optimal performance, providing our clients with turnkey solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Choosing Interpak means not only gaining access to cutting-edge packaging solutions but also experiencing a seamless transition to improved operational efficiency. Our teams are devoted to ensuring the successful integration of innovative packaging technologies, making your experience with Interpak truly exceptional.


Interpak, headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, goes beyond the mere provision of cutting-edge packaging solutions by offering comprehensive training services to empower clients in maximizing the efficiency of their newly installed systems. Specializing in designing and installing packaging automation, packaging machines, and palletizing systems, Interpak recognizes that the successful operation of these advanced technologies hinges on the competence of the personnel utilizing them. As such, the company places a strong emphasis on training programs tailored to the unique needs and operational context of each client.

Interpak’s training services cover a spectrum of topics, ranging from the basic operation and maintenance of packaging automation systems to in-depth technical insights into the intricacies of specialized machinery. The training sessions are conducted by seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in the field, ensuring that clients’ staff members are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to operate, troubleshoot, and maintain the installed systems effectively. By investing in training services from Interpak, clients not only acquire cutting-edge packaging technology but also the expertise to harness its full potential, fostering a culture of self-sufficiency and ensuring long-term success in their packaging operations.



Interpak, situated in Chattanooga, TN, extends its commitment to client satisfaction beyond the initial installation by providing robust parts services for its range of packaging automation, machinery, and palletizing systems. Recognizing the importance of seamless and uninterrupted operation, Interpak ensures that clients have access to a comprehensive inventory of high-quality replacement parts. This commitment to parts services is a testament to the company’s dedication to the long-term success of its clients’ packaging operations.

Interpak’s parts services encompass a well-organized system, designed to efficiently fulfill clients’ needs for replacement components or upgrades. With a focus on minimizing downtime, the company maintains a stock of critical parts, and clients can rely on a responsive and efficient supply chain. Whether it’s routine maintenance, urgent repairs, or system upgrades, Interpak’s parts services contribute to the longevity and sustained performance of the installed packaging solutions. Clients partnering with Interpak not only benefit from cutting-edge technology but also from the assurance that their systems are supported by a reliable and readily available inventory of quality replacement parts.


Interpak, headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, distinguishes itself not only through its hardware expertise but also by offering advanced software services that complement its cutting-edge packaging solutions. Specializing in the design and installation of packaging automation, packaging machines, and palletizing systems, Interpak understands the critical role that software plays in optimizing and controlling these intricate systems. The company provides tailored software solutions that align with the unique needs of each client, ensuring a seamless integration between hardware and software components.

Interpak’s software services cover a spectrum of functionalities, ranging from system control and monitoring to data analysis and reporting. The company’s skilled software engineers work closely with clients to understand their operational requirements, customize software interfaces, and develop solutions that enhance overall efficiency and productivity. Whether it’s implementing user-friendly control interfaces, integrating with existing systems, or developing custom software solutions, Interpak’s software services contribute to the intelligent automation and optimization of packaging processes. Clients partnering with Interpak not only receive state-of-the-art hardware solutions but also benefit from sophisticated software services that are integral to the success of their automated packaging operations.



Interpak, headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, is dedicated to providing unparalleled support services that ensure the ongoing success of its clients’ packaging operations. Specializing in the design and installation of packaging automation, packaging machines, and palletizing systems, Interpak recognizes that continuous, reliable support is crucial for the sustained performance of these complex systems. The company’s support services are designed to address any issues that may arise during the lifespan of the installed solutions, demonstrating a commitment to long-term partnerships with its clients.

Interpak’s support services encompass a range of offerings, including technical assistance, troubleshooting, and regular maintenance programs. The company’s team of highly skilled technicians and engineers is readily available to provide prompt and effective support, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal system performance. Additionally, Interpak offers preventative maintenance services to proactively identify and address potential issues before they impact operations. By choosing Interpak for support services, clients benefit from a responsive and reliable partner dedicated to maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of their packaging automation, machines, and palletizing systems.


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