About Illig

ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH u. Co. KG
Robert-Bosch-Straße 10
74081 Heilbronn/Germany

Illig was founded on May 27, 1947.

Today they have supplied over 20,000 machines worldwide to over 80 countries. Illig is comprised of approx. 700 employees in thier Heilbronn, Germany headquarters. Currently, approx 80% of the machines are exported outside of Germany, with about 50% being exported outside of the EU.
In 1956 the Type UA 100 was the cornerstone of Illig’s success and growth.
In 1960, Illig presented the world with the first automatic vacuum forming machine working from roll stock, the R 650. Many patents have been awarded to Illig over the years, and the RDM series machines remains a flagship. Illig holds one of the first official patent in their region. In 2011, Illig received the prestigious Weltmarktführerschwinge (Global market leader award).

Illig continues to be a pioneer in the thermoforming industry.
To maintain a steady stream of highly qualified workers to carry on the tradition and craftsmanship required to build these high sophisticated and efficient machines, Illig developed an internal apprecticship program partnering wtih nearby schools and colleges.