illig thermoforming blister packaging machine HSA 50d

The automatic blister packing machine, HSA 50d, is a complete forming, filling, and sealing blister production system. Blister packs with thermoformed transparent caps can be produced by upgrading the system with card loader and pack lift-out device. The machine sets the standard with regard to mechanical construction as well as ease of operation. Precise setting of distances and speeds is ensured by the consistent use of servo motors in combination with state-of-the-art control and regulation technology.

Storage of all production parameters is one of the benefits of the HSA 50d. Up to 40 programs can be stored in the control unit. Operating panels on forming and sealing units facilitate the setting and start-up of the machine, which is an advantage especially for long machine lines.

A higher feed accuracy is achieved by the servo-motor transport drive, resulting in higher cutting accuracy of the blister caps. An optimized blister transfer system ensures even and vibration-free movements to put blisters into the sealing pallets.

Relocation or retrofitting of additional units, such as card loader or feeding devices, is possible at each relevant machine location. With this general-purpose modular system the customer can produce various packs in a very flexible way. Extensions to attach labelling devices or coding units can be installed after the sealing station without problem.

The servo-driven sealing pallet transport can be variably set and ensures indexing with positional accuracy. Soft carton material can also be processed since the upper and lower table of the sealing station are movable. Attachment of the sealing tool to the sealing heater improves heat transition from the heater to the sealing electrode thus also reducing energy consumption.

Benefits of HSA 50d

Thermoforming Unit

  • Heating by contact heating, independent of format
  • Servo motor for blister transport
  • Blister forming with mechanic forming plugs
  • Positive forming by vacuum, negative forming by pressure air
  • Longitudinal and cross cutting device for formed blisters
  • Automatic blister transfer into pallets of sealing machine
  • Digital setting and storage of machine parameters
  • Waste-free operation
  • Quick-clamping device for forming tool and clamping frame
  • Exchange of complete knife shaft for longitudinal cut of blister caps
  • Quick-clamping of guide plate and set of suction units
  • Positioning of forming tool and cross cutter by motor, data can be saved in the control system

Sealing Unit

  • Servo motor for pallet transport
  • Pallet quick-change system without tooling
  • Blister filling range – filling is carried out manually or by automatic feeding devices
  • Automatic card loader in front of sealing station with low-level card alarm
  • Discharge of finished packs by conveyor
  • Freely selectable position for optional extras
  • For HSA 50d, standard version, equipped with new pallet quick-change system, the change-over time for the sealing pallets is reduced to approx. 3 min
  • Suction technology on card loader and pack lift-out device with quick-change suction plate
  • Quick-clamping device for sealing electrode and bottom part of sealing unit
  • Smooth change of complete card magazine or quickly adjustable magazine chutes
  • Conversion times of approx. 15 min are feasible for a complete format change of the basic machine

Possible Packaging Variants

  • Double production output with cutting/spreading device
  • Double-card blister packs
  • Forming tools for stand-up blister packs
  • Production of all-card blisters with cardboard forming unit
  • Hole punch unit