Thermoforming machine for non-food products

BSA 37 – was built to service the Non-Food industry. Operating at speeds up to 22 cycles per minute, this modular and flexible thermoforming platform can produce up to 10,500 packages per hour. The combination of electric and servo-motor drives for the forming, sealing, and punching station provides the highest reliability while maintaining an easy to maintain and cost effective system.

Modular construction allows Illig to customize the machine to customer needs during construction and also allows the ability to be retrofitted in the field when changes to package type arise. Open access allows the operator to easily view and maintain all stations inside the machine, via opening the large clear Lexan safety doors.

Format specific parts like contact heaters, forming tool and punching tool, for example, are equipped with tool-less quick release closures. Frequent format changes are easily performed utilizing Illig’s refined change over process that provides a highly accurate and repeatable change over. Resulting in minimal waste during setup and startup after a format change.

Benefits of BSA 37

Thermoforming Unit

  • Cast heaters for optimum even heat distribution into the film
  • Modular moving stations for contact heating plates with quick-adjustment for synchronization to index length
  • Servo-driven pre-stretching
  • Quick change forming device for with positive forming

Sealing Unit

  • HMI operating panel with function to switch languages and storage of 40 production programs
  • Print mark registration unit for processing pre-printed materials
  • Automatic positioning of pre-printed materials by stretching device or variable index length
  • Motor driven sealing station
  • Servo motor indexing, index length can be digitally set
  • Quick-change of sealing electrodes

Punching Unit

  • Electro-mechanical punching station, available as 2 or 4 pillar punch press, suitable for trim-in-place tools
  • Cooling plate and indexing in front of punching station
  • Motor-driven discharging conveyor for packs
  • Automatic positioning of sealing and punching station

Possible Packaging Variants

  • Full-area plastics blisters with sealed-in card
  • All-plastics blisters with insert card
  • All-plastics blisters with roll-fed lid materials
  • All-plastics blisters with insert brochure and insert card

Automatic Product Feed

We can integrate an automatic loading system to feed the BSA machine. For example, toothbrushes can be loaded into individual blisters at approx. 9.700 toothbrushes per hour.