Standard Features

  • Fully enclosed housing
  • Tool-less, repeatable change overs
  • Touch panel HMI for complete machine control
  • Seamless integration with dosing, printing, and labeling equipment
  • Bag length can be controlled with or without print mark
  • Variable welding and sealing jaw technologies based on application
  • Protection housing swings out of the operators way for easy access

Available Options

  • Automatic film tracking
  • Vacuum-assisted film draw down device
  • Gas flushing, ionization
  • Inner format tubes
  • Film end pre-alarm
  • Bag vibrator
  • Bag support and discharge flap
  • Bag vibratory funnel with discharge flap
  • Round and euro-hole punch, carrying handle punch
  • Mechanical gusseting device
  • Embossing
  • Reclosable features
  • Stand-up bags, ZIP-closure
  • Corner sealing

Technical Data

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (VFFS)

VFFS Machine with Intermittent/Continuous Film Transport
Min Width 2″
Max Width 23.6″
Max Length 13.75″/Endless
Speed Up to 120 ppm