Dosage System

Factors such as product characteristics, capacity, flexibility and accurate weight play a decisive role when selecting dosage systems. HDG provides a wide range of dosage systems which optimally address different requirements, creating a solution for chunky, liquid, grainy and powdery products or granulates.

Dosing Equipment

  • Auger feeders
  • Push feeders
  • Disc feeders
  • Special feeders
  • Cloth feeders

In addition, liquid pumps and multi-head or linear scales are integrated in the HDG machine for complex product mixtures. This enables gravimetric dosing of different products and the achievement of an ideal overall solution for a broad range of products.

HDG is more than happy to combine your existing dosage systems, multi-head scales and dosage pumps with HDG systems.

Levelling Systems

Due to gravity, some products to be packaged frequently concentrate at the bottom of the pouch packaging. HDG supplies three different levelling systems to ensure a uniform distribution over the entire pouch during dosage and flawless secondary packaging:

  • Vibration levelling
  • Roller levelling
  • Cam levelling