HDG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How fast can a HFFS (Horizontal Form Fill Seal) pouch machine produce pouches?

A: Lots of variables are involved including materials, product, and flow characteristics.  With good flowing products like candy and nuts, a typical 8oz stand up pouch with zipper would run at 85 cycles per minute.  HDG machines can produce up to 4 pouches per cycle, resulting in the following output rates: Simplex at 85ppm, Duplex at 170ppm, Triplex at 255ppm, Quatroplex at 340ppm.

Q: What types of products can be packed into pouches?

A: Virtually any product can be packaged into a pouch. Liquids, solids, powders, confection, nuts, soups, toys, technical products, medical components, pharmaceuticals, etc. From motor oil to children’s clay the possibilities are endless.

Q: What are the advantages of flexible pouches over cans, tubs, blow molded bottles, etc.

A: Pouches are formed from flat roll stock material, so savings in the transport and storage of packaging materials is great. A few compact rolls of film can easily replace an entire trailer load of empty cans, tubs, or bottles! In addition, the graphics are printed in high quality directly on the pouch film, so no separate labeling application or shrink labeling is required. And lastly, filled pouches can be packed in much denser cases reducing the amount of space required to ship product.

Q: What pouch sizes are possible on a pouch machine?

A: Pouches from 2” x 2” up to 15.75” x 15.75” are possible

Q: Can one machine produce different types of pouches?

A: All our pouch machines can produce 3-side sealed, 4-side sealed, and Stand-up (SUP) as a standard. Optional equipment is required for contoured pouches or pouches with spouts.

Q: Do you offer pre-made pouch machines?

A: Yes, we offer pre-made, roll stock, and hybrid machines that can run both pre-made and roll stock pouches.

Q: What types of spouts or closures are possible?

A: Most Stand up pouches have a zipper closure. We can use many different types of zipper systems from several different manufacturers. For single serve, we can cut a spout contour for a one time open spout. For re-closeable spouts we can insert a spout fitment with a re-closeable lid.

Q: How do I print date code or lot information on my pouches?

A: We can use several different systems including inkjet, thermal, and laser. We can also do inline laser scoring.

Q: I am concerned about the top seal being contaminated and not sealing properly, what can be done?

A: In situations where the top seal could be contaminated (i.e. filling Sauerkraut) we would utilize Ultra-Sonic top sealing to securely seal through any contaminates.

Q: Can Form/Fill/Seal flexible pouches be retorted?

A: Yes, HDG utilizes a double sealing technique that ensures the pouches multiple layers of film are properly heated under the correct temperature, time, and pressure requirements to create a pouch that meets or exceeds any pre-made pouch.

Q: Do HDG Pouch machines follow the PackML standard?

A: Yes, HDG uses Allen Bradley Kinetic 5500 Controller with new VPL drives, which includes Power Programming PACK ML standards.

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