Mark Schmissrauter


Studied finance in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A third generation owner and offset printing specialist at TPC Printing & Packaging Company, masters in high quality folding carton production. Since 1992 main field has been automation of systems and packing machines. Partnered with Illig Maschinenbau GmbH located in Heilbronn Germany and former Paal Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. located in Remshalden Germany to sell and install hundreds of automated packaging machine installations around the world.



Claus Paal


Studied mechanical engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.  Claus represents the third generation of his family working as experts in the packaging machine industry. He is active in the industry since 1992. His main fields are the concepts, designs, the built, delivery and service of packing machines and turnkey systems for whole production lines. Primary and secondary packaging machines for plastic, paper, paperboard and corrugated packaging are his special fields. Claus Paal has a huge network, worldwide and through all fields of packaging machines and packaging systems. He represents the European side of Interpak, based in Weinstadt, Germany.



Stewart Armstrong

Stewart-Armstrong-Bio-ImageWith 40 years of engineering and R&D in the global food industry, Stewart Armstrong has become an expert in packaging processes and automation covering food sectors: bakery, confectionary, cheese and dairy, dry powdered products, frozen foods, meat and poultry, RTE meals, and snacks. His packaging background involves packaging materials, machinery, material handling, production processes, and regulatory requirements including the USDA. He is known as an innovator in package and production line design, having been a significant influence in the design and development of new products and improvements to existing packages.



Alex Goers

Director of Business
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Jeff Martin

Sales Director
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Matt Schmissrauter

Parts and Service Manager
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