About Interpak

Interpak is a 3rd generation family owned packaging company, located in beautiful Chattanooga, TN. Our focus is on all aspects of the end of line packaging, including primary, secondary, and palletizing solutions. Interpak also provides full engineering and project management for small production changes all the way to large Greenfield facilities. Interpak’s model for success is to bring the most innovative and reliable packaging technologies from Europe to our customers in the United States. Close relationships with our vendors allow us to take over the project management and guarantee a successful project for our customers. Our customers are always our number ONE priority.

Interpak’s sister company TPC Printing and Packaging was founded in 1924, and also operates out of Chattanooga, TN and remains under the families ownership.


Interpak was created in 1992 after Mark Schmissrauter visited the Interpack Exhibition Show in Dusseldorf, Germany. Mark had a vision of diversifying the family’s printing and packaging business, which has been operating since 1924.

Shortly after the Interpack Exhibition, with little more than a handshake, a partnership was born between Interpak and Adolf Illig Maschinenbau GmbH, a blister packaging and thermoforming leader located in Heilbronn, Germany. Interpak began to sell Illig equipment for all of North America.

Interpak quickly realized, their customers expressed a need for automation and end packaging. With requests for automatic loading systems on Illig lines and automated case packing after the Illig lines, once again searched for the perfect partner.

The search was over in 1994, in the small town of Remshalden, Germany (outside Stuttgart). Paal Verpackungsmachinen a small yet talented company was being taken to the next level by the second generation of ownership lead by Claus Paal. Interpak believed Claus and his company would be able to fill Interpak’s need for automation and end of line packaging machinery.

Interpak continued its successful and prosperous relationship with Paal Verpackungsmachinen for 15 years, installing over 250 production lines until the sale of Paal to Bosch Packaging System in 2009. With the sale of Paal to Bosch, Interpak felt it was necessary to further diversify their product range providing not only thermofoming and case packing, but expanding to entire turnkey end of line packaging systems, including primary packaging, secondary packaging, and palletizing.

Around the same time in 2009, Interpak and HDG Verpackungsmaschinen (located in Lindlar, Germany) partnered to bring fast flexible pouch machines into the US market. The pouch market was primarily dominated by the Spanish linear type pouch machines, but the German horizontal pouch machine had great advantages over other technologies.

In 2014, Interpak met with the palletizing leader Lorenz Pan AG. Lorenz Pan located in Northern Italy, builds very robust and flexible palletizing solutions for virtually any application. Again, with a friendly handshake Interpak began representing Lorenz Pan in the United States.

Today, the company is focused on customer service, continued growth in the turn-key project sector and expansion of sales throughout North America. Our customers, as always remain our number one priority.